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Adminterface is a gem for ActiveAdmin, and it brings the best parts of ActiveAdmin and Bootstrap into your project.

In addition, it is equipped with some of the most commonly used features to help you build any project more efficiently, whether it's internal or customer-facing.


We have been using ActiveAdmin for years to build both internal and external products for our customers. This approach helps us establish a standard for building productsโ€” at least for a considerable portion of the project.

However, we need something that is easily customizable and extendable based on our customers' needs. Therefore, we've made a gem to:

  • Establish a consistent coding style
  • Reduce the need to recreate common features from scratch
  • Reduce the time and effort to onboard and train new team members
  • Ensure consistent quality between projects

As a result, we were able to reduce our codebase significantly for each project by at least 40%, deliver projects much faster, and onboard new members easier, and, at the same time, keep our quality consistent.

After years of experiment and revision, we've decided to release some of the most commonly used features as an open-source project to allow others to benefit from our experience.

We hope you will enjoy using this gem and look forward to hearing your feedbacks! ๐Ÿ™Œ


Even though we have been widely using it internally and for our clients, Adminterface is still in beta and undergoes active development.

Visit our community page for the latest information.


  • โœ…ย  All ActiveAdmin's features
  • โœ…ย  Bootstrap's styles
  • โœ…ย  Mobile responsive
  • โœ…ย  Extended features and customizable
  • โœ…ย  No jQuery dependency

Pros & Cons#

๐Ÿ‘ย  Perfect for you if#

  • You want to quickly generate a fully functional portal type app
  • You want to style your ActiveAdmin with Bootstrap
  • You want to reduce development cost
  • You want to establish a standard between projects
  • You want an actively maintained gem that is up-to-date with ActiveAdmin

๐Ÿ‘Žย  Not ideal for you if#

  • You don't need most of the features ActiveAdmin provides
  • You are looking to build a custom frontend with frameworks like React, Angular, etc.
  • You are looking for an out-of-the-box solution

Design Principles#

  • Little to learn - This gem extends the functionalities of ActiveAdmin, so all the features within ActiveAdmin should work as expected.
  • Intuitive - Developers should not feel overwhelmed when looking at the project directory of an Adminterface project. It should look intuitive and easy to build on top of while using familiar approaches.
  • Customizable - Common components defaults will be provided, but developers should have the options to override them.
  • Modular - The separations of shared functionalities should be clear and modular, so it is easy to modify or change.
  • Consistent - Similiar configurations should be consistent in how you configure them. There shouldn't be surprises where one is drastically different from another.


Adminterfface is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.

Have a suggestion?#

Contact us if there's something missing from the documentation or improvements you would like to see in the future from us. We'll be glad to take any suggestions to make this documentation and Adminterface better.