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Build functional and beautiful web apps faster with ActiveAdmin

A gem that brings Bootstrap 5, advanced customizability, and other goodies into ActiveAdmin

ActiveAdmin with Bootstrap

Quickly build apps, not just admin panels, that match your branding and spend more time on the core functionalities with Bootstrap integrated into ActiveAdmin.

Mobile Responsive

Use your apps on mobile and tablet devices. You can now use ActiveAdmin to build mobile responsive apps for any project.

Granular Customization

Customizing how components behave and display for the entire app, a namespace, or a specific resource has never been this easy and flexible with ActiveAdmin.

Extended Functionalities

ActiveAdmin is now even more powerful with extended functionalities and features from Adminterface. Check the docs to see what's new.

Familiar DSL

Use the approaches you are already familiar with inside ActiveAdmin to extend your projects with all the features of Adminterface.